Saturday, January 28, 2012

Finding a Piece of Clothing You Forgot You Owned

Hello little wool sweater with the nice detailing! Where have you been hiding? At the bottom drawer of my bureau? Well, welcome back.

It's almost like Christmas/ Hanukkah come early. A few seconds before finding this nice sweater I effectively did not own it. If a piece of clothing remains unworn at the bottom of your chest, is it apart of your wardrobe?

Well, now it is. I immediately put it on and walked out the door. Almost instantly, I got that comment, "new sweater?"

Kind of...

I had never worn this piece before today. My Mom got it for me this past Christmas. I bet I thought it looked at little 'conservative.' A little too delicate.

But when I fished it out today I saw it with new eyes. I said, "I can work with this. Why not!" and threw it on.

Old, but new!

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