Thursday, February 2, 2012

Finding Lost Keys

Before I begin my formal discussion of one of today's wonderful moments, I have to acknowledge the wonderfulness that is the video of Kristen Bell freaking out about a sloth. This miraculous video has gone viral. I watched it last night and had to watch it again today.

There are few things in life that are as strange as watching a grown human behave unabashedly like a child. I admire this. Cheers, Kristen. You seriously love sloths. And I love you for that.

Has Kristen seen the video "baby sloths being bathed?" I hope so.

I'm trying to think of what my 'sloth' is, ya know? What is your 'sloth?' What do I flip out about and cry over because I am SO excited? I can only think of chihuahua puppies.

And now for today's wonderful moment: finding not one but TWO sets of lost keys. (I understand that by sharing this, I am letting everyone know how absentminded I can be. But I am OK with that.)

For the past few weeks I have been using a copy key to get into my apartment (I made it at the beginning of the year for just this purpose). But the loss of my keyring meant that I also lost the keys to the mailbox and laundry room. This is what really hurt. Luckily I had recently done a batch of laundry before I lost the keyring, but in recent days I have been aching for more clean clothing options. I have been searching for the elusive keyring since the day I lost it. To no avail.

But today, while I was scrambling to get myself ready to leave the apartment to go to a singing lesson, I randomly looked in a bag that was laying on the couch. And the keyring was at the bottom of the purse. 


Then when I parked my car, I decided to clean the interior a bit before heading to the lesson. I snaked my hand under the passenger seat to retrieve trash, and found ANOTHER SET OF LOST KEYS.


This was the first set of keys I had lost way earlier in the year. The keyring with the cupcakes was actually a replacement.

So I am feeling great right now, mainly because I can go do some laundry.

Everybody wins.


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The video of Kristin was seriously awesome.. made my heart her even more!


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cutest key ring holders! in one of my recent posts i show a hello kitty one

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