Saturday, February 4, 2012


I want to hear from you all.
"Men of Good Fortune," North Kivu, Eastern Congo, 2011 - photo by Richard Mosse
Tell me about one wonderful thing you experienced over the course of your day. Email me at a brief description of the event/moment and I will feature it in tomorrow's post. 

Each day is filled with a myriad of odd, satisfying, surprising moments. Choose one.

Was it when you were:
- enjoying that hot cup of coffee over breakfast?
- visiting a museum?
- getting a tattoo?
- reading a good book?
- seeing a bird hop on the grass?
- talking to your brother on the phone?
- smelling the scent of lavender as you traipsed through your garden?
- eating that mochi ice cream?

Don't be shy. It's more fun to share. 
This will be anonymous. Identities will be protected. (Unless you want your name to be attached and a link to your own blog. I am happy to do that.)

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Anonymous said...

wonderful thing today: reading your spam on The Sartorialist.